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Vancelette’s OPEN SKIES Jewelry collection is rooted in the heart of handcrafted expertise and skills, born from her years of study in contemporary art. The richness and diversity of this original collection encompasses sparkling stones, sleek finishes and delicately carved designs unlocking a creative journey managing to manifest both comfort and elegance.

The odyssey that is the inspiration for ‘Open Skies’ includes impressions of constellations, lunar eclipses and new star systems, with a focus on original shapes and innovative designs. The designs are also born from her unique hardware design from the origins of Vancelette Signature Handbags. Open Skies presents original and unique perspectives on “The Human Hand” as the motivation and singular creative canvas. Vancelette’s intimate and personal journey while regaining the use of the designer’s own hand provided the impetus for this creative endeavor.

Views of her home, NYC, with its pure, geometric lines mixed with the powerful and lavish panorama of her international travels to Asia, South America, Europe and other countries, combined with her personal journey of rediscovery. All this imbues these designs with strength and intimate statement while breathing life into this cohesive collection.  Bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces display delicate bands of colors, unique finishes and settings while reflecting a subtle air of mystery and harmony. 

The expression of a rebellious and determined nature bonded to personal self-belief made this a truly unique creative journey. The road traveled to deeply understand the mechanics of the hand, fingers and wrist and how they truly work, merged with much deeper connections to Sky has created a style that is ancient, modern and innovative.

Faithful to the very first Vancelette Signature® jewelry creations for hand and finger injury, these new creations for the ARIS COLLECTION 2020 are made to sit in the palm of your hand, adjust for the inner part of the hand. It is distinguished by a unique, timeless elegance. Inspired by Vancelette's own creations to cover her hand injury, these new rings adorned with beautiful stones and lightweight elegance will surprise anyone when you wave a friendly hello to! Merging medical with luxury solutions is at the core of Vancelette Signature®. Write to us for more information:

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